Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Maori Language Week

This week for Maori Language week we have been creating Maori patterns with Mr Young.  The patterns are being used to decorate our Rakau sticks for this weeks singing assembly.  We have also made poi's with Miss Buck, now we are going to make the bottom part of the poi's.

For reading and writing we are looking at Maori Myths and Legends.

For Maths we are learning Maori numbers as well as looking at multiplication and division.

Monday, 23 June 2014

HInemoa and Tutanekai

What are 6 Things that happened in the story.
1) Tutanekai went to a Hui and saw Hinemoa and instantly fell in love with her.  She also fell in love with him.
2)Tutanekai and Hinemoa met many times after the Hui.

3) Hinemoa's father (who was the chief of the tribe) found out about what they were doing. He then sent his best warriors to stop Hinemoa from meeting Tutanekai.

4) Tutanekai and Hinemoa made a plan to meet at his village across the lake by a rock pool.  

5) Tutanekai would guide her across the lake by playing his putorino (flute).  Hinemoa's father dragged the waka up onto the sand forcing Hinemoa. to swim across the lake.

6) Hinemoa made it to Tutanekai.  Hinemoas dad found that the love between his daughter and Tutanekai was real and he gave his blessing for them to be married.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Beans Growing

This term we have been looking at what plants need to grow.  In our class we have grown beans.  Here is a youtube time lapse of beans growing.

Your mission is:
1) To write 5 descriptive words from what you can see.
2) Write 3 sentences using your descriptive words.